Candace's create good bag

Candace has a taste for messages in any form and re-use products and making decisions for the good of the planet and her fellow man. She also loved the grunge look...leaving her hair kind of messy, wearing her ripped jeans and combat boots. When she found her CR8 GD bag, with short text versions of her favorite tags, she glommed on to it and made it her favorite carry-it-all bag. Now, when she marches in the streets, she carries her bag strap on her shoulder, made from the collar of the motorcycle jacket it was made from. The waxed canvas washes easily. Candace's bag is a piece of her wardrobe that she'll own for ever and ever, just like her philosophy.

11.5"W by 13.5"H by 4"D with a 25" strap from the top of bag

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