Lela's water lilies

Lela carefully sets up her morning like the beginning of her day is a special occasion. She lights her candle, adjusts the little pictures of her loved ones, makes tea and places her handmade silk water lily on her altar, in a place the sun filters through the window. She's got a variety of sizes for the days when she calls to the stars for abundance and prosperity. Sometimes she sets them down the middle of her table when she has company over. Her world traveling companions ask: "Lela, how do you always have things I never see anywhere else on the planet?" Lela smiles inside to knows she's been graced by creative artists. 

Set of three: lily pad leafs are 6" by 7", 6" square and 4"by 5" Since each is made individually, they may not look exactly like the pictures. If you desire only one, contact me, and we'll work something out. -Carolyn

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