The name of the fifteenth brightest star in our universe, Antares, means ‘anti-Mars’, because its red glow resembled Mars and often fooled the early astronomers. Its name is something it’s not, which is how we feel about the transformation of furniture....with open eyes!


Antares Miami opened in the spring of 1986 in Coconut Grove, Florida. With the fanfare of dueling grand pianos in a summer downpour, Art Smith, the famed Chicago chef, carved watermelons in a crowded old warehouse under the metro. Carlos Alfonzo, international fine artist, painted melons on the entry walls. Carolyn Robbins and Carlos Castro meticulously prepared their first collection of furniture from re-awakened salvaged pieces found in hotels on Miami Beach.  

Today, Antares Furnishings in San Rafael, California, celebrates almost thirty years of innovation in re-use materials. Carolyn has been dabbling in  furniture transformation and interiors for years, but now she’s opened a studio of re-use products and unique finds. Antares celebrates the young at heart, the way you were (and hopefully still are) when you handled quality items and explored how to build with individual expression. 


 To Learn more about Carolyn, visit her professional website carolynrobbins.com  By perusing her site, you will find many examples of re-use products accentuating the interiors she designs. Sign up for the Antares Newsletter at the base of this page and you will find out about the coming events and classes. Thank you for visiting!