Billie's block and tackle

Billie's block and tackle makes no sense to most people. He lives in a small apartment and most of his old gear from the warehouse is gone. He likes the ability to hoist his hanging chandelier over his breakfast table. Setting up a ceiling of rope in which to hang his clothes is cool too. His mother often comes by and tells him to get a life and forget about all that once was, yet Billie has fun setting up furnishings for the sole purpose of having her over. "What to do to calm her down?", he wonders. "Oh right...I'll hang a cocktail table from the ceiling rope and set it up asking:  'Would you like some tea, ma?'"

Large pulley 11"L by 3"W by 3.25"D Small pulley is 10.5"L by 3"W by 2"D with approximately 35 feet of rope Local pick up or check with us on shipping cost

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