Freddy's five whisk brooms

Yeah he gets it that other folks collect guns, fishing rods and fancy cars. But Freddy is a task master and he relishes having the right tool for the job. He also likes how tools are made and his whisk brooms are no exception. Each one has it's own personality with the way the wire wrapping is bound or the string is tied, or the broom has been used. If he could hang them on the wall he would, but his sweetheart just doesn't get it...yet. Maybe someday she won't be able to resist having one close at hand, in every room, for the dustball in the corner or the spilt rice on the floor. Ah...that day will come.... 

5 whisk brooms between 5-6" W by 13.5", 12.5", 10.5" 10.5", 9.5" and 10"

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