Mildred's memories in a milk bottle

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Something about the squeak of a truck's brake outside Mildred's house brings back memories of her favorite milk man: Mr. B. She was never quite sure what the 'B' stood for, but she always referred to him as the beautiful beast. He wasn't all that classically handsome, but instead a bit lanky and slightly unkept, even in his starched shirt. He knew what she liked and that meant he was heaven-sent. He handed her a basket of milk bottles, tipping his hat while extending a daisy from her garden. Ah yes, those were the days!

Steffen's Bottle with lid 5.5" H X 2.5" Diam, Almhurst Bottle 5.5" H X 2.5" Diam, Hooper Bottle 7" H X 3" Diam. Price includes three bottles one with lid

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