What are the limitations of ordering a one of a kind item?
We believe that to be a conscious company, is to do right by the whole earth. This is why we use recycled and sell used materials. We find re-use to be sometimes a time consuming venture, especially in seeking out vintage items and making them available to you. We also construct handbags using old quilts of partially frayed fabrics. Each item is a one of a kind. To support this kind of business we ask that you be cognizant of choosing this type of product. The chips of paint we like or the need to oil the iron now and then comes with owning the piece. The old rubber feet on a lamp might need replacing after a while sooner than a new one. We go over our products carefully but they are still old and a bit more fragile. It’s not like other products where you can bring it back for another one. But if a button falls off, we will fix it, and if you have to send it back, depending on the length of time you’ve had it, we will be most understanding in making this cost less for you to accomplish. 
        What if my payment doesn’t go through?
        Payments from certain countries may be difficult. We’ve done the best we can in making the fees less, especially in our payment methods, but if you can’t complete a sale, send us an email at carolyn@antaresfurnishings.com and we will do our best to work out a payment gateway that is right for you.
          How will I know my item has been shipped?
          You will get an email once your item has left our warehouse and you will have a tracking number for your parcel.
            How will I know my item will last if it is made of old materials?
            We do our best in using strong old fabrics backed with good linings and interfaces. We choose non-frail vintage buttons. We sand and seal out metal surfaces before touching up. Because of the nature of our products they will wear faster and look worn-in sooner. If you are not used to this, in products you have ordered new, we might not be your shop. We do not compete with the big chain stores but instead give you something totally unique, locally produced and carefully restored.
              How do the classes work and what guarantees can I expect?
              Our classes are posted each month as an on-going series to help you, our customer, to engage with methods of how to use your existing furniture, how to add minimal lighting for the best effects, or change a mood with colors that work for you and your home or how to lay out a floorpan before beginning a design project. The classes are meant to help you find out how to discover your own style, before beginning any interior design project. We begin with: ’Who are you?’ The classes are meant to help you design on your own. If you take on of the beginning level classes, you can enlist for the second level but only after having taken the first of that series. You will learn the step by step process in how a design project proceeds. You will also learn how to recognize when you need help and when you can proceed on your own. There are no guarantees to what you will learn or how you will utilize what you have learned. Yet, there is one guarantee I will make. That is: design is a science of processes and once you learn how to break apart the process of what comes first, you will discover it’s easier than you thought, to do it yourself. That I will guarantee.
                Will I get a confirmation of enrollment and how to enroll in the class?
                Yes. You will be confirmed in the class and you will be given options of how and when you want to learn. If you want to cancel your class, we provide a rescheduling calendar of dates. You can not cancel a class and get a refund but you can re-schedule within the year for taking the class. Unfortunately after one year, your credit for the class expires unless you get in touch with us and let us know when you would like to reschedule in the first two months of the new year.

                  Since your items are usually older: if something breaks how responsible are you to fixing it?
                  This is probably the hardest question to answer because it is the most complex. With over 250 unique items, some as old as 100 years old, there are a lot of variables to consider before I can offer guarantees. What I can say is that I will do my best to help you get it to the right repair shop in your area to determine the cost of repair. And sometimes, not always, I will take responsibility for the item, if it’s not working soon after you’ve received it. Or if the cost is not prohibitive to repair, I will offer you funds. I can only take one situation at a time, but as I’ve mentioned before, I want to make you happy so I’ll give your particular case my best effort.