• Restocking charges

    If you have been approved for a credit on any item you have purchased and you are shipping this item back to us, you will be charged a 20% restocking charge on the cost of that item.

  • Refund restrictions
    There are some items we will not take back into our inventory, and offer a credit on. They are:
    • any custom orders where we have adjusted the item to suit your requests
    • any orders that are sale items
    • any radios, cameras or electronic items
    • any mechanical items listed: ‘as is condition’
    • any item you request to return, on or after 10 days from the date of your order in question
  • Exchanges only

    We want you to be happy with what you purchase from us and we will do our best to exchange items from our inventory for any item you have purchased and are unhappy with. You must request the exchange within 10 days from the date of receiving your shipment and you may be charged a restocking fee and shipping costs, before another item can be shipped to you from our warehouse. We will try to do our best at reducing the restocking charge in most cases, where the items are small and easy to restock. Remember: we want you to be happy and we’ll try to be as fair as possible.