Sasha's demonstrate love bag

Where ever there's a demonstration, you'll usually find Sasha. She lives for her causes and she's a trooper in the streets. It only seems logical she carries her durable hand stitched waxed-canvas 'demonstrate love' bag proudly. It says who she is, what she stands for and why she breathes a breath of sweet air on this planet. She knows about politics, and how fan dangled the system is....but it doesn't matter to Sasha. For she lives by one code love. . So with care she washes her one of a kind handmade bag to brighten it up, in sudsy water and line dries it. It's got ample pockets and best of all, lots of room and pockets inside. Talk about's what went into every stitch pulled by pliers and stamped by hand.

11.5"W by 9.5"H by 4"D with an adjustable strap set at 26" with 2-3" longer or shorter variable in length

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