Serena's six funnels

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Serena’s friends are excited about their stylish new shoes and fancy devices. They chit-chat about new bars to check out for the drinks and the dudes. But while listening to their newest obsessions, hers is being developed over her work table as she invents a cluster of funnels outfitted with LED lights. She hangs them on black twisted cloth cord and interrupts the shoe talk with: “Can you imagine how this would look? Will someone help me hang my funnel light fixtures when I've finished wiring them all?" Her friends nod their heads and tap their heals together.

Two funnels at 7.5"H by 6.25"diam and 8.75" by 4" diam. Four funnels ranging from 5.50-4"H to 4"dial to 3.5"dial.

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