Angelica's trusty walkie talkie

Angelica lives in the Mission District of San Francisco surrounded by all the cute techies roaming the streets with their devices, behind their screens in the local coffee shops. She remembers Latin mommas shuffling their shopping carts when she was growing up and misses those days a bit. Maybe for this reason she's on a mission to outdo the boy's techie toys. She wants to freak out the geeks! With Carolyn's help she found her own toy walkie talkie with the extension of an antenna. Excitedly Geli says: "It's all I need to turn a head or two and keep those boys guessing..." 

bottom to top of antenna is 5.25" Top of box to bottom is 3.25 by 1.75"W by 1"D

Collections: Americana Kitsch, Toys & Kids

Category: toys/musical

Type: play/sports

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