Carolyn's love pack of printed cards

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Carolyn plays with paper like her granddaughter plays with finger paints....all over the studio are scraps of vintage papers are flying. She just can't get enough of the fun. Finally her one-of-a-kind cards were stacking up (search 'cards' on the homepage) and printing them seemed like her best foot forward for her fan's budget. After all, there's a lot of folks out there needing to say a bit more than the typical greeting card! Just leave it to Carolyn to knock their socks off with a peppering of risqué. This love pack of cards might provide the other side of the moon in romance...oh yeah! Gold leaf embellishing on each card with custom collaged envelopes....all one of a kind. 

Pack of Printed Collage Cards includes five 4.5" by 6.5" printed cards, The 5 artsy envelopes are not guaranteed to match photos, since they are all custom made. 5.25" by 7.25" envelopes  

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