Carolyn's boys pack of printed cards

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When you're acting up, you might have to express yourself. If you're just plain bad, well it's about time you confess your mischievous ways with the correct unique card! If it's your mate who's driving you mad...send a spirited card whether it's a fandangled gesture or not. Who cares what trouble you've been up to, when you can smile about it? Finding something in a mailbox relieves all anxiety and makes the day take on a whole new meaning....even if it's simply to say: " I'm bad for you darlin'!"

Pack includes five 3.25" by 5.25" printed cards, The 5 artsy envelopes are not guaranteed to match photos, since they are all custom made. 4.75" by 5.75" envelopes with a secret wisdom quote sewn inside.  

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