Carolyn's gent pack of printed cards

A woman knows how a gentleman speaks, how he acts and the tone of his adoration. She waits patiently for this man to arrive. With a few adoring gestures reminding her of his charm, she's assured he hasn't lost his touch. "Razz my berries" he whispers in her ear as she's coming out of a stressful day at work. He hands her a card with a small bouquet from the garden wrapped in a ribbon he's bought with her in mind. Her favorite color, her favorite flower or scent....and he's opened the way for love to emerge. Take it up a notch.....when you know what she likes, she WILL razz your berries....yes siree!

Pack includes five 3.25" by 5.25" printed cards, The 5 artsy hand sewn envelopes are not guaranteed to match photos, since they are all custom made, yet each includes a secret wisdom quote sewn inside. 

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