Carolyn's selfie pack of cards

Click here, pose there. We are so modern in posting, it's hard to imagine there's been other eras without it. Although many youngin's  jammed in front of a camera lens. Portraits were taken way before we set our phone in front of our faces. What sets us apart in how we express our feelings a bit easier.Maybe it's sending a unique card. Set the phone down. Each card portrays a kind of feeling we have of why not express it with a pen? 'Don't step on me' shows a girl with her foot on the hose. And a boy on his knees. He's begging to be forgiven perhaps and she writes in her card to him: " If you get off your knees, I'll let it all flow...let's step out together...."

Oh yes, take up the pen and make your presence known, with a just few strokes.

Pack includes five 4.5" by 6.5" printed cards, The 5 artsy envelopes are not guaranteed to match photos, since they are all custom made. 5.25" by 7.25" envelopes  

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