Elsa's chubby charm necklace

It's one thing to link a few charms on a chain. Elsa's necklace is a whole other ballgame. The hundred and ten various charms, from golf clubs to teapots, elephants, money pouches, palm trees, shamrocks, lockets, candlesticks and the kitchen sink... remind Elsa of the charms she got in her box of CrackerJacks a few years back. The hollowed chubby charms are lightweight and lend her a crinkly crackly sound as she shrugs her shoulders at her couch potato Papa. "Come help me live a charmed life honey bunch....the lawn needs a cutting!" as she slams the screen door.

20" circumference made of a brassy looks like brass but isn't, metal.


Collections: Carnival Sideshow

Type: fashion

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