Jelly's kiddie block dresser

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Jelly was twelve when she learned how to juggle brightly colored beanbags in thirty variations of flips and rescues. It wasn't surprising that while shopping with her mum for furniture, she discovered a dresser with children's blocks floating across the front. Her momma knew that one of a kind pieces make a room and so they brought it home. Jelly proceeded  to fill it with her  frisbees, yoyo’s and fancy performing clothes. She loves feeling the smooth worn blocks under her fingers when opening the fabric-lined drawers. The red transparent red glaze, compliments the original finish of the drawer fronts. Rumor has it that Jelly is learning how to  sit cross legged on the dresser top while doing her triple cross overs….

30.5"W 47"H 18.25"D Local pick up only or call for shipping rates.

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