Misa's vintage Japanese stationary

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Misa has a stash of vintage cards and paper memorabilia. It's hard for her to resist the delicate pages of 1960's Japanese stationary, similar to those fine sheets and envelopes her mom used to buy in Japan town to write home on. Misa's Japanese heritage is only part of her fascination with the designs and beautiful thin paper. It's the two or three sheets of paper and just one of two envelopes in every design, that makes her savor the moment it drops in the mail to someone special. Oh sure, she could save them in her stash, but as time goes on, the temptation grows. 

Collection includes six patterns. Two of the patterns with red bands on envelopes have two sheets, and one with one. Envelopes are shown. All other three patterns with pink flowers and grapes have three sheets and limited envelopes.  Envelopes are 8" by 3-3/8" sheets are 10-10.25" by 7" There are discolorations on some.

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