Shirley's Hollywood chairs

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It wasn't often Shirley would swoon over something besides a hunky man. When she saw her set of modern acylic chairs, she squealed so loud her poodle put his head between his paws. She made plans for them before they were out the door in a million ways... "Perfect for my boudoir or the entry salon or at my tea table on the porch... Wouldn't they be divine with a fern on a plant stand between them?" she asked the garage attendant as he strapped them into the back of her big Cadi. By the time she got home she was so proud of her new 60's acrylic chairs, the little rip in the original vinyl didn't mean a thing to her. She swiveled around and let out a long sigh with the words: "Wow, isn't this the best thing a girl can get for herself…well, that is…. besides a hunky guy of course?"

17"W 17.75"H seat 30.5"H back 16"D Price includes two chairs. Local pick up only

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