Sassy's gingham cross stitch apron

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Sassy saw the fashion in rising denim shorts. You know, with the ragged edge and pockets hangin' down....oh no no no...if she was going to be sassy like her namesake, she simply needed a tight pair of eyelet edged panties under her blue and white checked vintage apron. Adorned with rickrack and cross stitching, tied with a big bow, she slipped on her sling back 'baby come get me' heels and whistled Dixie. Ok, sure, use this cutie frock for your cocktail hour or serving from the grill on a hot summer day....but don't forget the temptation of those apron strings when the moon rests on the horizon and it's time to get sassy.

17" waist band, 17.5" long with a 6" hem if you wanted to lengthen the apron and apron ties 27" long. 

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