Sonny's 60's greeting cards

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Sonny has a few friends that crash on his big mattresses in the middle of his crash pad barn. They raise the garden beds most days and jam all night. Once in a blue moon it's time to post a note to Ma telling her he's thinking of her. He reaches into his ol' hippie-days trunk and pulls out cards kindred to his long time ago tastes. Flower power, free range roosters and the sun comes up reigning in all the love and groovy feelings...yeah man! 

3.25" by 5.25" original Takahashi 1960's cards with envelopes needing a bit of glue to close. The back of envelopes have gum stain, but not glued shut. The cards are aye ok! Eight sets available. Price is for one set. Perfect for framing as a group.

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