Vessy's wobbly tiki sculpture

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Tai's new wife Vessy, is known for her exotic drinks made from special syrups and juices. In looking for the perfect gift, Tai went hunting in the back of a musty store  and found Sir Wobbly Tiki, a carved wood sculpted fellow. Accidentally Tai bumped Wobbly’s extended arm and found to his amazement, his head bobbed back and forth as his arms swung randomly in all directions. Weighted from only his center post he dances ‘round and ‘round. It struck him as such a cool item, with so much character, that Tai couldn't resist to buy it for Vessy's outside tiki bar. Next drink over the bar could be: 'The Wobbly Affair'.... Tai admits it's a love present for two.

34"H both pieces by 22" W arms across by 5"x5" base
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