Maggie's tapestry beach combing bag

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Maggie  takes her leisurely time scanning the beach for shells. Then she utters a delight in a few words: " this one is shaped like an arm with an elbow!" Gleefully, she picks up little pieces of a shells from the shore and lands them in her roomy antique tapestry and suede feedbag with interior pockets to keep her purse accessories free of sand. She treasures her handmade bag for its vintage buttons and soft suede feel. The silk detail on the interior makes her feel special when she opens up the hook closure. Later in her studio, bins are filled with various shapes of driftwood, shells and stones, all parts of little pictures she builds. Walking the beach, combing the shore for treasures with her comfortable beach bag, is a perfect day for Maggie.

9.5"W 10.5"H 3.5"D strap 34"

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