Violet's watering can and shovel

Violet is crazy about her gerber daisies and lets her granddaughter water the flower pots. It gives little Baby Cakes such pleasure to hold the can for the "fresh rain" from the spout. Violet’s shovel is perfect for repotting too and she doesn't mind sharing. Once a day at nap time, Violet takes the quiet moments to re-pot one of her little daisy plants, careful to not spill the soil. And just as often, when Baby Cakes wakes, it's a bit to soon, to take out the broom and clean things up. " Oops, I made a booboo Nanna"....the little one says with her shovel in hand. 

Can: 10"H by 15"W by 7"diam. Shovel: 11"L by 3"W 




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