Henry's oil can

The thing about Henry is, he doesn't like kids messing with his things. And you better well know you are going to get a gruff shoo shoo out of his garage if you reach for his old oil can, to feel the embossed letters. His little ten year old neighbor Sammy did just that and instead of Henry pitching a fit, he just rolled his eyes and asked little Sammy what he had in mind, messing with his stuff. Sammy quickly blurted out: "Well I'de make my secret camping light by putting an LED in the spout Mr. Henry!” That made Henry smile, remembering his own crazy-idea-days.

(We say: Maybe it's not so crazy....)

11.5" T with spout as shown x 5" wide with handle and 3.5" diam base 15" spout

Collections: Industrial Ops, Tools

Category: home decor, industrial, tools

Type: lighting/tools

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