Lana's banana leaf tote bag

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Lana knew instantly the huge banana leaf print on her all around one-of-a-kind tote bag, was unusual enough, it had to be vintage curtain fabric from the 40's! She imagined the period after WWII when the young men, back from the South Pacific, brought a style their wives and girlfriends adopted. Bamboo lamps, tropical large prints, rattan furnishings.....and now she carried that look with her to the grocery store, to dinner or school. Whether a computer bag or a tote for the farmer's market, Lana wore her capris and her strappy sandals for her retro look. She even showed off the Marimeko interior with big pockets, and her adjustable interior clasp to alter the look of her bag...oh yes: " Aloha chicas!"

14"W by 17"H by 7" D with a 21" strap measured from the top of bag

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